Deelilah Saito

Full Name:

Deelilah Irine Taylah Saito Yoastt






31st October

Sexual Orientation:


Hair colour:


Eye colour:

Ice blue




Charlie Hokkaido (Best friend)

Acid Hokkaido (Friend)

Yuuki Hokkaido (Friend)

Viktor Vang (Friend)

Doctor Albert Von Squishy (Pet)


Original Character

Deelilah (デリラ, Derira) is a cannibalistic 16 year old ditz with no sence of balance.


Dispite the fact that she eats people, Deelilah is actually a surprisingly kind hearted person. She can act rather... blonde at the most of times and is constantly falling over because of her straight jacket. Deelilah is the type of girl who loves unicorns and rainbows and is never sad or angry no matter what you do... in other words, she's a complete DITZ.

Her full name (Deelilah Irine Taylah Saito Yoastt) actually spells out the word DITSY with the starting letter of every word. Also, with her very last name (Yoastt), if you switch the last and first letters around, it spells 'Toasty', which is her nickname.

Deelilah is also very forgetful and clueless. She even forgets her name at the worst of times.

She is also friendly with others and is overly outgoing when it comes to strangers, who would proberly not mind talking to this charming young lady if it wasn't for her blood stained teeth and hair.


Deelilah has bright, pupil-less, baby blue eyes and short, spiky blonde hair. Just below each eye she has a small blue star. She wears a pink and green Chullo style hat with oversized ear flaps. On her neck she has a rainbow choker, a chuncky heart-shaped rainbow necklace and a golden start necklace. She has a white straight jacket with oversized sleeves (usually stained with blood) and a layered, dark pink, ruffley skirt with gold hearts on it. She also has gold laced leggings with black swirls, rainbow leg warmers, pink shoes with green flowers and apurple belt with a blue strap.

Her teeth are unusually sharp and she's usually seen with lots of injuries and a huge, goofy smile on her face.


Deelilah's eyes can see the name, the day they will die and cause of death in peoples reflection. She uses this so that she can kill/eat people so they can avoid painful fates. When using her power, her eyes glow Red.

Deelilah is also quite the contortionist, being able to un-humanly bend her body. She uses this to her advantage so she can get straight back up after she falls (which is most of the time).


Charlie Hokkaido: Charlie is Deelilah's best friend. The two met at school counseling and Deelilah scares off all of Charlie's bullies. Charlie affectionately calls Deelilah 'Dee' and Deelilah usually affectionately starts chewing on Charlie's tail.

Doctor Albert Von Squishy: Albert Von whatever is Deelilah's loveable pet.

Acid Hokkaido:Despite the fact that Acid is slightly scared shitless of Deelilah, the two can happily talk as long as there's bullet proof glass between them.

Yuuki Hokkaido: Yuuki and Deelilah don't have that much to do with each other seeing that Yuuki is a bloody coward, but Yuuki might talk to Deelilah as long as Charlie's with him.

Viktor Vang: Viktor is fine with hanging out with Deelilah seeing that he's met worse. Him and Deelilah will even play a game where Viktor guesses a persons name/cause of death and Deelilah will tell him 'warmer' or 'colder'.


  • I drew Deelilah directly after drawing Charlie
  • Deelilah's special ability totally isn't a rip off of Death Note's 'Shinigami eyes'
  • She always has a knife and fork in her pockets
  • Deelilah can't read or write but can speak fluent German
  • Her nails are painted bright Red
  • Because of her sharp teeth, Deelilah has a lisp
  • Deelilah loves Chewy people


  • (To Charlie) Charlie... ccccchhhharrrrrrrrlieeeeeeee... that's really fun to say!
  • (In general) Human hand OM NOM NOM
  • (To Acid) Your tail tastes like pickels! *gigglesnort*
  • (To Viktor) Hey, hey Vik... I wanna play a gaaaaame