Charlie Hokkaido
Charlies original design

Full Name:

Charlie Akemi Hokkaido






25th August

Sexual Orientation:


Hair colour:


Eye colour:

Ice blue




Acid Hokkaido (Brother)

Yuuki Hokkaido (Cousin)

Deelilah Saito (Best friend)

Viktor Vang (Friend)


Original Character

Charlie (チャーリー, Charlie) is a boy that's 16 years old (unbelievable, I know)


Charlie is an incredibly meek teenager who never talks to strangers. He always looks like he's scared and is usually depicted as a 'Crybaby'. Despite the fact that he's so shy, Charlie also is very loyal and trustworthy. He has a bad habit of being scared of everything and will usually hide behind his brother, Acid.

Charlie never talks back to other and never stand up for himself, which makes him a sure target for bullying. Also, because he's unsure about his sexualtiy, he's simply a sitting duck.

He'll usually feel very uncomfortable around his older brother and his cousin, Yuuki, because of the way the two act towards him. When either of them kiss him, Charlie'll turn bright red and usually faint.

Charlie is also incredibly clumsy and usually gets injuries that to a human would be fatal.


Charlie usually dresses like a 6 year old girl. He wears a pink, slightly off the shoulder shirt with 3 oversized green buttons. His shorts are bright green and really... short with 6 black buttons on the front. The're kept up with black suspenders with 3 badges in the left side. He also wears elow length rainbow fingerless gloves and knee high rainbow socks.

His hair is short, spiky and bright blonde, but is usually hidden by his hat. His hat is a Chullo that's green with pink braids and green pom-poms. In the hat is a face that closely resembles this emoticon -> -w-

His eyes are ice blue and rather round and his cheeks are usually bright red. Charlie's ears are those of a dog and are blonde, the same goes for his tail, which is short and curved. He also has 3 freckles on each cheek and a button nose.


Like his brother, Charlie has the ability to turn into a wolf... although, he looks more like a puppy Golden Retriever then a wolf. While in this form, his strength is 10 times more immense, his sight is 20 times more powerful and his hearing is 15 times better. Also like his brother, Charlie is immortal, which comes in handy because of his clumsyness and several attempts of suicide as a side effect to emmense bullying.

Charlies failed attempt of Hanging himself


Acid Hokkaido: Acid is Charlie's older brother. Although Charlie likes his brother, he doesn't like to be alone with him. Charlie thinks that there's too much unrequired "Brotherly Love" going on there. Charlie's first kiss was in fact Acid.

Yuuki Hokkaido: Yuuki is Charlie's cousin. Much like Acid, Yuuki has intimate feelings towards Charlie, although not as strong. Charlie feels safe alone with Yuuki because he knows that Yuuki knows better then to molest his 16 year old cousin.

Viktor Vang: Charlie's scared of Viktor and believes he's a vampire so that sort of crushes any chance of a stable relationship. Although Charlie may say 'Hi' to Viktor or even hug him when he's scared.

Deelilah Saito: Deelilah is Charlie's best friend. The two met at school counciling and Charlie's found out that having her aound scares bullies away.


  • Charlie was originally on only child
  • He was supposed to be a cheerful character, instead, he came out as a rainbow emo
  • I created Charlie because I felt like drawing rainbows
  • His nails are painted bright green
  • Charlie loves sweets
  • He usually carries small packets of sugar in his pockets


  • (To Acid) Nii-Chan, what's a prostitude?
  • (To Acid) Charlie: No Nii-Chan! Don't touch me there! Acid: What? Is behind your ear ticklish? (got your mind all dirty, didn't I?)
  • (To Deelilah) Please don't chew on my tail.