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2nd February

Sexual Orientation:


Hair colour:

Dark brown

Eye colour:

Greenish-gray and Hazel




Forever alone



Olivia (オリビア, Oribia) is the creator of the characters on this pointless wikia. The reason why she created this site is unknown, but the suspected reason is that she was burnt.


Olivia is usually dipicted incredibly shy and quiet. Some people say that she 'spaces out' often. The reason she spaces out is that she's usally thinking of porn. In reality, even though to strangers she's meek and timid, to her friends she's a total nut job. It's like she's on a permanent high or something. She's also not the sharpest tool in the shed. In maths she'll draw on her work and in other classes she types up biographies on her gay-ass characters. Because of this, she often has no fucking clue what to do on assignments and usually fails. During class, she's the awkward girl in the back of the classroom, just, she's at the front of the classroom because of her bad eye sight.

When angered, Olivia has often been mistaken for Satan. Lauren said that she Felt like giving Olivia her soul. It could be possible that Olivia is Australia's equivalent of Russia.

Her diet consists of nothing but crap. Give her sugar at your own risk.

She tends to swear alot and even make up words like Dufchka. A conversation with her is life threatening, avoid one at all costs.


Oh God, where do I start?

Olivia's hair is dark brown and unnaturally bouncy. It reaches just below her shoulders and is absolutly UNTAMEABLE, emphasis on the UN'. As quoted by Maia': 'It looks like a bunch of tenticals! :D

She's rather short and stumpy with bigger breasts for her age. Her face is covered in blackheads and her right eyebrow has a stripe through it from when she accidently shaved it. She also ha gaps in her teeth because once they fall out, they fucking refuse to grow back.

She usually wears guys clothes with long, bright striped socks. This often makes her look homeless. When drawn, she's usually seen wearing black 3/4 cargo pants, a bright green Gir shirt, black fingerless gloves and rainbow socks.


The only things Olivia is good at is Drawing homosexuals and making people was to give her their soul. Although, she's pretty skilled at pick-pocketing and can do this creepy ass thing with her right ring finger that makes it bend unnaturally.


Olivia is forever alone. End of story.

Surprisingly, Olivia actually has friends. On Deviantart, her friends are displayed on her 'Pimp list':

Her Wife, Husband and Lover (in that order): Screaming-Lullabys, SkyCrawlers123 and Dib-is-my-sexy-nerd.

Her Bottom Bitches (friends in real life): DeathnoteForeverxx, Gardevoir1997, Batapoppukon, Cookaholic13, Chazzarina, SoBo113, SilverPwnsGold, Lovemihow123

Manager (twin sister): 0-Little-Nikki-0

Other Hoes (friends over the internet): SouthParkSweetie4, MyFriendKiwiKris, Olciasmile, Megz16Death, SomeSpazOfNature, zXYukiXz, Rexhamster1, KisameLover34, PananaBanana, SpytDragonFyre, DeeaE, MakingYouLOL, Queen-of-the-Loosers, Sasukes-luvr, Jana-Sama, Dyanthus-Can-Pwn-Yoo,crossTimorous, BlazeGirl96, Nekohoshi-san777, Meerkat142

Script writer (someone she's doing a fanfic with): KylexStan1234

Fellow recording artist (these two just send lyrics of songs together): Kariuchiha16

Recomendations (people she thinks are awesome): Kyle-Lover, Ncyde, Ramjet33, Theyaoipervnumbah1, Cheese-Pops

There is also Ve173, Olivia's personal Troll/Stalker from a magical place called Norway.


  • Olivia cannot spell for shit
  • Her twin sister is taller then her, but Olivia is 2 minutes older then her twin
  • Olivia is often mistaken for a 12 year old while her twin sister is mistaken for a 16 year old
  • She has a condition that causes her nose to bleed incredible easily
  • She's basically in love with Ben 10 for some creepy reason
  • Her favourite colour is acid green and black
  • Her favourite word is Necrophilia
  • She's a fucking pervert