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Baileyopedia: [bay-LEE-op-edia] -noun

A ridiculous word made up by *Bailey1rox to abbreviate her username to make it sound more suitable for a wiki page.

This Wiki is dedicated to the OC's (Original Characters) of the user Bailey1rox on These characters range from fan characters to ones made up for short stories.

Be warned, this wiki may be filled with SPOILERS to never before seen or unfinished fanfics/short stories. Read at your own risk (or if you can't be bothered reading/waiting for the story to come out and just read the plot)

... I don't know what else to write... Enjoy! C:

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This is the Baileyopedia, and encyclopedia about Bailey1rox by Bailey1rox because she has nothing better to do. This encyclopedia contains character profiles, updates, notes from the creator, unwanted information about the creator and features.

There may also occasionally be a profile on someone else's OC if requested, if so, sent a note to Bailey1rox on

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