Acid Hokkaido

Full Name:

Ahikiho San Hokkaido






14th April

Sexual Orientation:


Hair colour:

Black with rainbow highlights

Eye colour:

Right eye is dark blue, left is red




Charlie Hokkaido (Brother/Love interest)

Yuuki Hokkaido (Cousin)

Viktor Vang (Friend)

Deelilah Saito (Friend)

Renmmu Fulgens (Ex-Boyfriend)

Mrs. Norme (Counselor)


Original Character

Acid (,Acid) is an outrageously gay Human/Dog with an unnatural taste for Rainbows.


Acid is gay and he's not afraid to flaunt it. He has a very sexual way of doing everything and flirts with anyone and everyone. He's rather care free, laid back, and doesn't seem to care about anything. According to his female students, Acid is incredibly attractive.

He also has a tendency to act incredibly incestuous towards his 16 year old brother, Charlie, by kissing him, touching him and sleeping in the same bed as him, which would make him a pedophile.

Despite his inappropriate behavior, Acid is actually a generally kind hearted person and would never to anything to hurt anyone, especially his brother, despite what you may think. He doesn't let others walk all over him and will never go down without a fight, which would be a fight he would usually lose seeing that he's actually quite weak.

Appearance Edit

Acid's hair is raven black with rainbow highlights and a large side fringe that sticks out on the left side of his face. He also has a long rainbow braid that reaches his hips with 4 black beads at the end. He wears heavy eyeliner that curls out 3 times on his right eye, which is dark blue. His left eye is red and lacks a pupil. There's an 'X' shaped scar there that's usually covered by his fringe. He got his scar in an accident while defending someone he didn't even know in a bar fight. Around his neck, he wears a rainbow studded collar it a gold 'A' at the front. He also sometimes has a small goatie (depends weither I remember to draw it or not).

Acid's exotic outfit mainly consists of... Rainbows (manly, I know).

He wears a black, short sleeved hoodie with a bright green interior with one large ring zip and two other useless ring zips on the sides. His hoodie also has 2 dots on the front that represent his eyes. The back of his hoodie is longer then the front with a hole for his tail. Underneath, he wears a pink and green striped shirt. His right elbow has a faded green bandage (I don't know what they're really called) that matches the one on his right knee, right underneath his green, plaid shorts. He has a pink leather glove and a rainbow studded bracelet on his right arm. On his left arm, he has an elbow long hand glove that's held up with a green arm band and a rainbow studded bracelet.

His left shoe reaches half way to his knee and is green with a pink tongue and rainbow shoelaces. The right shoe is inverted and much shorter.

His belt is a rainbow studded belt with a black studded belt on top. Attached to the belt are 2 gold chains on the left side and two studded... things that make an 'X' and meet up at the sides of his belt.

His ears are those of a dog. They're black with green tips and pink inside with a spiral piercing on the left ear and 3 studs and 2 chains on his right. His tail is long and black with 2 green belts at the top connected by a gold chain. At the near end of his tail, there is a bandage that connects where his fur goes from black to rainbow.


Acid only found out he was gay when he was 15. Over then and now, he's had a total of 7 boyfriends, 1 girlfriend, 2 high-school fanclubs and 700+ Pop Tarts. Acid was always close to his brother and always had feelings for him. Although, he only realised these feelings were sexual when Charlie was 14 and he was 19. Charlie had asked to sleep in the same bed as Acid because he was scared of the storm going on. As Charlie slept, Acid watched him, and slowly realised that his thoughts where becoming more and more intimate. It's only natural for someone to find this somewhat disturbing. Acid descided to see a counselor (Mrs. Norme), although, nothing Mrs. Norme has done has solved Acid's question as to why he has these feelings towards Charlie.

By the time he turned 20, Acid decided to accept his feelings towards Charlie and even began to embrace them. Unfortunatly for him, Acid had a boyfriend (Renmmu) at that moment. Their relationship grew awkward and Acid decided to break it off becuase he didn't want Renmmu to find out and have his heart broken.

Acid teaches Charlie's year 10 Art and English class, although no one knows/believes that they're related.


Acid has the ability turn into a Wolf, much like Werewolves, except he doesn't have to change form on every full moon. While a wolf, his strength is 15 times more immense, his sight is 10 times more powerful and his hearing is 5 times better. He is also immortal.


Charlie Hokkaido: Charlie is Acid's 16 year old brother. Acid has rather... intimate feelings towards his little brother. He has, and will on any occasion, molest his younger brother, but would never intentionally hurt him. Despite the way he acts towards (and touches) him, Charlie trusts Acid and will come to him whenever he's crying. The two usually end up sleeping in the same bed at night.


Acid comforting his crying brother, Charlie.

Yuuki Hokkaido: Yuuki is Acid's 19 year old cousin. Acid is very fond of Yuuki and may even kiss him every now and then. Acid never leaves Yuuki alone with Charlie because he knows that he'll try to seduce him.

Viktor Vang: Victor is one of Acids closest friends. The two will every now and then pretend to be gay lovers to get the attention of others. The two once dated for several months but it became akward when Acid found out that Viktor had feelings for Yuuki. They decided to remain good friends.

Deelilah Saito: Because Deelilah's a cannibal , Acid does his best to stay away from her, but will happily talk to her as long as there's a long distance between the two.

Renmmu Fulgens: Renmmu is Acids ex-boyfriend. He wont leave Acid alone and hates Charlie with a buring passion. I guess that's what happens when you're dumped for your boyfriends little brother.

Mrs. Norme: Rebecca Norme is Acid's counselor. He's been visiting her every month since he was 19, after he realised he had a sexual attraction to Charlie. Acid trusts Rebecca and will willingly tell her his feelings towards his brother.


  • Acid was originally going to be an Albino
  • He teaches his brothers class
  • The girls in his class have a fan club for him
  • Acid was created after his creator sung the Double Rainbow song during Maths class
  • Acid has not raped his brother, you sickos (he was very willing)
  • His nails are rather long and coated with black nail polish with a green line through them
  • His middle name (San) means 'Acid' in Japanese
  • His favourite food is Watermelon and Dango
  • His least favourite foods are Peas , Carrots and Corn
  • Acid can't sing for shit
  • He always has a pocket knife and a fork in his pants pockets
  • His favourite show is Adventure Time
  • He needs glasses
  • He has a naturally eerie sounding voice, which he uses to his advantage
  • As stated in this journal entry:
    • Acid's mother was going to name his either Albino or Alec
    • He accecpts to fact that his feelings towards his brother are awkward
    • He can fit his whole fist in his mouth, lick his elbow, turn straight guys gay and eat a whole wedding cake
    • He bakes and knits (hipster yo)
    • He curses alot, scares people, flirts with guys infront of their girlfriend/mother and chases his tail
    • He's studing Photography at Uni
    • He refuses at answer the question Ever... killed anyone before? and states that it's personal, suggesting that he's killed someone
    • He hesitates to answer the question Ever wanna marry and have kids one day? and mentions at it would be kinda awkward if my bro read this, suggesting that he wants to marry his brother


  • (To Yuuki about Charlie) Acid: Shut-up, it's not rape if he enjoys it Yuuki: ...dude
  • (To Deelilah) Please don't eat me...
  • (In general) That's what she said... or he, it can go either way, really
  • (To Viktor) Acid: Hey Vik, how do you say nice ass in German? Viktor: Netter Hintern Acid: Thank you
  • (To Charlie) Was that an invitation, Charlie? ~wink